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The newest news.

Newest news on the eye.
Retina's are looking even better. Did not have to get shots into them this time.
Will have to go in for a dye test next week, as they attempted to do one yesterday and managed to inject dye into my muscle rather than my vein which OW MOTHERFUCKING OW THAT SHIT HURTS. ahem.
Once that's done, it starts a 'clock' which at the end of which if my eyes stay the same/improve I can finally have my YAG treatment (laser eye surgery to remove some remaining cataract tissue) and then finally get real honest to god better glasses. And see! Better!

Rheumatologist has looked me over and given me more blood tests. He is now thinking that I may not have lupus, because I am not showing any symptoms at all other than my eyes and it makes no sense. So, after this next round of results comes out, one of two things is going to happen.
1) I will test negative for the one marker for lupus that I tested positive for, and be taken off of all the drugs because I don't have lupus. This is good (lupus is fucking terminal and sucks) but also bad (then we will be back to square one of no diagnosis whatsofuckingever).
2) I will test positive for that marker again, and we'll discuss taking me off my current meds for awhile to see if any symptoms start up. If they start up, then I have lupus and I go back on them. If they don't start up, then I don't have lupus.

Quote from the rheumatologist appointment:
Doctor - "Well, I think that's it. I have to run to my next patient because well, it's.." he sighs and frowns.
Me - "Complicated?"
Doc - "Yeah, Complicated."
Me - "Well, I'm complicated."
Doc - "True, but you're not uh.. you're complicated but you're not..." frowns more.
Me - "Complicated and dire?"
Doc - "Exactly."

So, I'm officially complicated, but not dire.

A sort of kind of diagnosis.

It's been a busy few days in the household. There's been a lot of work, plus a lot of parties and social events, vis a vis w00tstock, a dregs show, a movie, a bachelor party, and an unexpected wedding.
And there's also been two doctors appointments.
At the first one, I saw the rheumatologist. He had ten blood tests taken for very rare things.
Two of them came up positive. One of them I had been tested for before and come up negative.
That one was indicative for Lupus.


However, to be diagnosed with Lupus, you have to have 4 of 11 diagnostic markers for clinical trials, or 6 of 11 for full diagnosis.

I have 1 1/2 markers, and the 1 is the blood test, which I previously threw as negative. The half is photosensitivity, which I consider disqualified due to me having had that particular 'symptom' since I was oh, three. The eye issues are not a diagnostic marker, but not unknown among people with Lupus, though it sounds like a slightly different version of what I have. But I do seem to always be the weird one.

So I am at this moment cautiously diagnosed as "Auto immune disorder (which we knew about) possibly caused by mild pre-Lupus (which is the new scary bit)"

I'm on an antimalarial which has been found to keep inflammations due to lupus down and prevent lupus flares/keep lupus in remission. We're seeing how I tolerate that and if it helps. It's very mild and safe for many things, including (fairly important to me because of upcoming decisions in our married life) safe for pregnancy. I've taken the first dose and so far so good, at least from what you can tell about the sort of medicine that builds up over three months. There is a slight chance that this medication might be contraindicated with retinal issues, so. Yeah.

On the good side, the eye doctor visit today showed that my vision is once again improving, and that almost all the swelling is gone in my retinas. Joy! Joy and Wonder!

Also we should be getting our Mucha print finally! It's scheduled to come in on Monday. Joy!
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We found our good twins!

So today, hubby and I went shopping after staying in bed quite late.
Well, I stayed in bed quite late.
Plus there was a momentary hormonal blitz that left my bedroom half torn apart as I looked for some tiny strips of doublestick tape.
Don't ask, it's best you not see what happens when I get like that.

But things were all hunky dory after that. We went out, ate dinner, had some ice cream, shopped for sheets (couldn't find any we liked) and then went to Lush.
Just in case you wanted to know how very boring my life is. ;)

Lush however, was not boring. Lush was fun! And freaky! Freaky funtimes!
Shortly after we get there, a guy in the store looks at me and then says "Ohmygod, we have to show that shirt to my fiance." and drags me a couple of feet away to show off my "Don't make me use my Librarian voice" t-shirt, because it turns out his fiance is a librarian.
Also turns out that he and his fiance are geeks.
And Gleeks.
They like Whedon.
And gaming.
Also, he works at the same company my hubby does.
Also they both clearly like Lush.
Also, Gaimanites.
Likewise, comic book fans.
Both hubby and the guy were wearing red shirts.
Both I and the girl were wearing dark blue shirts.
It was all quite amusing and they took down our emails and we're going to get together for a game night sometime soon. Yay!
I figure they're our good twins because hubby was the one wearing a goatee, and the other girl was wearing far more girly clothes than I.
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No good very bad day.

See, last few days I was going to core dump about all the issues at work, and at home, and in social circles, that were driving me nuts and stressing me out and depressing me.
Now, they are not even a bother.
Because my fucking eye issues have come back. I got to have flourescent dye injected into me today, and then had steroid shots to both eyes, and over the next couple of weeks I will no doubt be getting a multitude of blood tests and stuck like a pincushion.
And I had really hoped this was all over, but it's not.


(By the way, I noticed after using the London at Night picture to tag this (which usually means either sorrow or sad) that it also looks amazingly like the back of my retina when they took pictures of the dye running out into it. How apropo.)
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We haz a mattress!

We ended up going to the St. Louis Park Slumberland Outlet. While there we found that they had the mattress that we wanted (Simmons Beauty Rest Annapolis Pillow Top, King) at the exact same price as the regular Slumberland store. However, they were doing a better deal on the frame and mattress covers.
Since they're also a clearance center, we ended up getting MAD CRAZY DEALS on a couple of discontinued lamps that we found that match our living room like, perfectly. They are so mad crazy, I am not even going to say how mad crazy they are.
So the new mattress comes a week from Tuesday. Yay!

BTW, any local tweeps I know have Thursday afternoon off? I need to ask a favor of someone..

The horrors of buying a mattress

Or not even buying one, simply shopping for one.
So yeah, we're in the market for a new mattress. Two reasons. 1) because ours is old and 2) because my mom is coming into tow and we want to get a mattress for us so that we can move the queen mattress into another room to have her sleep on. Cause otherwise, we're putting an eighty year old woman on a futon mattress on the floor.
We're mean, but we're not that mean.
So the great search for a mattress has become, and let me tell you, those stores have it locked up to make sure that you have the hardest time possible trying to compare prices/quality/etc.
For instance:
HOM furniture only sells Serta and Temperpedic.
No other stores in the area sell Serta.
Regardless of that fact, Serta sells a number of mattresses, some exactly lie eachother, but with different names, so you can't just look them up and compare directly.
The guy at Hom wasn't too bad, he didn't hover over much, and he shooed when we told him to, but it was clear he was unhappy with our wanting to shop without him hovering. Or that we told him to go away before he could even begin on the "look at my tiny square of cut away mattress!" shpiel.

Then today we went to Mattress Giant.
We'd been to a Mattress Giant a couple of years ago, and it was a nightmare experience, so I really didn't want to go bac, but hey, it was a different store in the chain so hey.
I should have listened to myself.
The guy was pushy and he just would not listen to us and kept on with the shpiel even after we tried to steer him away from it. To the point that he started to actually repeat himself because he couldn't remember the part of the script he was on. Because we refused to stay on his script. We felt like a bucket of bloody chum thrown to the sharks.
(Also of note - we got home and the /one/ mattress we could find a lot of reviews on? Was the one he tried to sell us, the Kingsdown. And the reviews? Across the board shitty.)

Then we went to Slumberland, and the guy that we talked to there was super nice, easygoing, and willing to stand back and let us do whatever we wanted. Plus? Funny. Real adorable old guy.
So we picked one we liked there, took down the info, and have been trying to price compare.
Impossible. Can't find price compares or reviews on it anywhere. Which may be a function f it being quite late when I started searching, but still. I'm usually better than that. At any rate, if anyone has one out there, it's the Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Pillowtop. It's very comfy.
Tomorrow, its someplace called Shneidermans where we'll look for yet more deals.


Dear. World. Of. Fashion.

Okay, I know us fat chicks are hard to fit and make clothes for and whatever, but I kindly and sincerely request that you cut out the following craptastic things.

1) Please stop with the heavily distressed denim. Or at least so much of it. I was just looking on the 'New Arrivals' page of the Vain Giant website and every single pair of jean shorts is distressed to within an inch of its life. Screw you. I would like my clothes to last more than a single season, and I would also prefer not to look like a slob or accident prone klutz.

2) The bad printing jobs. I know that this is a 'style' and that it has been extremely popular in the world of fat girl clothes for going on three years now (is it the same with normal clothes? can someone tell me?) but these screen-printed tops with the daggers of the fabric color running through them to look intentionally as if they were accidentally misprinted need to stop. They do not look fetching, they look ill made.

3) Must everything be made of polyester and/or fabrics that don't breathe? Why not cotton? Why not linen blends? Why not silk? I am willing to pay for silk! Why why why the constant stretchy polyester jersey that clings in all the wrong places and has the double horror of not breathing and being staticky even on the most humid days of summer?

4) Also, must skirts all end past my knee/mid calf/ankle? I like the maxi skirt style well enough, I have a couple. But can there be no skirts that end at or just above the knee? I know that many larger ladies don't like to show off their legs, but I am not the only one who has nice legs that are showoffable.

5) Likewise, or the other side of that coin, must all shirts be thigh length? I'd like them to come down to my hips, generally, but these belted things that end mid thigh just make my legs look stumpy and fall in all the wrong places on me.

6) Sleeves. Please to be providing a variety. Not just 'tank' or 'wrist'. Thx.

7) Workout clothes. I would like some. I would like some that are not MADE OF SUPER THICK FLEECE AND/OR TERRY please because I actually mean to work out in them, and do not like to be extra super sweaty and hot on top of the already sweaty and hot. It doesn't even have to necessarily be the really cool moisture wicking super cooling fabrics that normal people get. (and I can get those, but at a price 3x what regular sizes go for.) I'd be happy with a plain old cotton v-neck t-shirt and knee length shorts.

8) Oh, yeah, speaking of v-neck t-shirts. Can we not have them all ruched around the neckline? Because that shit makes my tits look saggy even in my uber pneumatic bras.

I think that's about it for now.
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Question for the local peeps.

Because y'all did so well on the "name me a good vet" question (really, you did, we love them).

Perrin needs to go to a dentist. His old one is in Eden Prairie. Anyone know a good dentist in the north metro?